Dr. Walter Chestnut Public Library

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Councilor: Jason Smith

Library Manager:  Jeff Jones

Contact information: Phone #: 506-375-4876

                                         E-Mail: jeffrey.jones2@gnb.ca or bibliohartlandlib@gnb.ca

Board Members: Lia DeJong (Chair), Ernest Clarke, Linda Boone, Alice Hyslop, Paul Long, John O’Leary, Gail Seeley, Kassia Clendenning, and Jason Smith (Town Council). 


Just about everyone has been a board member. Oh, you haven’t, well, let us know and when an opening comes up, we’ll have you in mind.

The Dr. Walter Chestnut Library in Hartland, N.B.

The Dr. Walter Chestnut Public Library is a dynamic place to be!  A friendly squeak of the door announces your arrival. Once inside there is no need to be perfectly quiet, the entertainment and learning is about to begin, loud and fun. Marsha doesn’t fit the traditional image of a librarian who goes about shushing people, as a matter of fact, she rarely shushes people, she encourages vigorous participation by all in all library activities.

As well as the educational and entertaining activities offered by a traditional library, through thousands of wonderful books, audiobooks, videos and access to Wi-Fi, our library invites you to participate in the life of the community through our Art Gallery, learning and how-to classes, kindergarten to seniors, and full participation in community activities.                                            

There is very little if any cost to pay. No expensive golf clubs or hockey gear to buy. Bring along your library card (free), your lust for learning and life, and join Marsha and her staff for hours of mind-expanding fun. 

The Dr. Walter Chestnut Public Library was built in 1912 as a Federal post office, and also housed an armory during the war. It was sold in 1967 to Nevers Pharmacy. In 1987 the building was renovated and became the location of the Dr. Walter Chestnut Public Library. The W.W Craig Gallery opened in 1987. The clock tower was restored in 1988 and new cables where installed in 2019, however the clock is not currently in operation. A children’s floor was added in 1992 and the library has adapted the space to also offer learning centers to children. In 2003 the elevator was installed, and in 2019 the main floor was renovated with funds raised from the support of the Friends of Hartland and many fundraising events supported by the board and community members. The library also celebrated its 35th anniversary serving the Hartland community in 2019. We celebrated with a family birthday inspired event and a high tea, with special guests from Regional Office as well as other community dignitaries.